Warming Up and Stretching

Warming up and Stretching. Not warming up can be harmful for your body because exercise can sometimes involve extreme, unpredictable movements. If muscles aren’t properly warmed up before exercise and remain cold, then they can be over stretched easily and muscle strains can occur, possibly leading to further injury and certainly pain.Warming up improves the elasticity in your muscles and increases your
flexibility, preventing over-stretch injuries. Warming up also promotes the circulation in your body, the more blood flow you have to your muscles the harder and longer they can work, preventing the early onset of fatigue.

An adequate warm-up can also increase your muscle control during exercise, this is due to you getting the neuromuscular fibres in your muscle firing before you get started, with out this your muscles will feel rusty and take a while to get into whatever exercise you are doing.

How do I warm up?

A good way of warming up your muscles is by doing dynamic stretching, now this is not to be confused with what you were probably told as a kid which was static stretching (holding a stretch for 30 secs then repeating 2 times on each side). Dynamic stretching is a form of stretching with movement. Exercises include lunges, leg kicks, knee to chest and arm circles.

Static stretching has actually been proven to decrease athletic performance by shutting off your golgi tendon reflex (which helps sending messages from your muscles to your brain). It is also shown that for a time after the stretch and can actually increase the chance of injury. Static stretching should only be used after exercise (as part of your cool down) or during the day when no activity is about to be partaken in.


At MyoMAX with our extensive knowledge on the musculoskeletal system and it’s performance, we can show you some really good dynamic stretches for you to perform that are specific to your sport/exercise regime. We can also assist you with any aches or pains you get from your exercise that sometimes are just hard to avoid and get you back on track asap.

Good luck with all your training!

MyoMax Casey