Katie Marquis

Katie completed her Bachelor of Applied Science & Masters of Podiatric Practice at La Trobe University.

Katie’s journey in podiatry began with her fascination for the complexity of the body and how it functions. She has always been interested in sports and physical activity. Completing work experience at an allied health practice led to a mentorship role where Katie had the opportunity to experience what it was like to work in the allied health space as a podiatrist. This experience sparked her interest in podiatry and its crucial role in sports medicine.

Katie has a particular interest in helping educate and care for patients with diabetes. Katie’s other areas of expertise include lower limb musculoskeletal injuries, gait analysis orthotic therapy and ingrown toenail surgery. She also enjoys assisting patients unable to come into the clinic via our home visit program. Her holistic approach to patient care and evidence-based treatment plans have earned her a reputation as a trusted and compassionate podiatrist.

Outside of work Katie loves strength training at the gym, spending time with her dog and taking the jet ski up the Murray or out on the Bay. Katie believes in the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle and encourages her patients to do the same.