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Strength and Conditioning

In both sport and everyday life, recurring injuries are quite common. If you have ever suffered an injury and recurrence of that injury, you will know exactly how frustrating it is. There are a number of contributing factors to most soft tissue injuries. Lack of strength and poor conditioning are often some of those key factors.

Many specialists aim to treat and manage your symptoms. Our skilled podiatrists look to assess your injury holistically. Multiple factors can contribute to foot pain, sports injuries and lower limb dysfunction – including muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. There are a number of muscle groups in the lower limb that play important roles in power production, stability/balance and shock absorption during walking and running.

Therefore, a key component of management plans formulated specifically for you by our podiatrists addresses strength and flexibility deficits that may be contributing to your pain.

In your biomechanical consultation our experienced podiatrists evaluate lower limb strength and flexibility through a number of dynamic, functional and static assessments that guide treatment plans.

Strength and conditioning programs commonly involve:

    • Exercise prescriptions targeting affected structures which may include gluteal, hamstring, quadricep and calve musculature
    • Conveniently e-mailed with written instructions as well as video demonstrations
    • Pre and post activity recommendations
    • Targeted stretching or trigger point therapy
    • Reviewed as required with the aim of progressing exercises to increase strength, flexibility and endurance and improve function over time

Increased strength and conditioning can assist in pain reduction, restoration of function and avoidance of subsequent injury to keep you active and enjoying activities you love doing.

Increased strength also plays an imperative role in the elderly with regard to balance and reduced risk of falls and negative outcomes associated with falls.

If you are having foot or leg pain, make sure you have someone assess all the contributing factors to prevent you from doing the activities you love.

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