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Running Shoe Tips - How do I know if they are wearing out?

Pre-season sport training is ramping up. My New Year’s resolutions are written. It is a good time to track the use of those new Christmas sneakers I got from Santa Claus! Running shoes have a relatively limited life. Depending on brand and style this ranges between 600 to 1000 kilometres. Consequently, as running shoes wear your risk of injury increases.

The breakdown of the materials and construction increase your risk for injury. As a result most injuries I see as a podiatrist are caused by worn out footwear. The midsole is where we get cushioning when we run and often wears out long before the upper.

For some time now, I’ve logged every pair of new runners on my favourite running app ‘Strava’. This is how I keep track of how old and worn my runners are. It is easy to forget just how worn our shoes are as the weeks fly by. With great features, like email alerts, Strava can let me know when I’m due to buy a new pair. Therefore I know exactly when to rotate the old pair out of my training routine.

If you’re also interested in making the most of this feature follow the steps below:

To setup and mange shoe notifications you do this from the “Gear” page and the “Shoe Edit” screen. This can only be done while logged into the website, not through the app.

How to log you running shoes:

Step 1.
Log into Strava

Step 2.
Click on your Profile picture and from the dropdown menu click on “Settings”

Step 3.
Click on “My Gear” on the left hand side of the page.

Step 4.
Finally, click on the name of the shoe you’d like to edit. Here you can edit notification for your shoe and either change the mileage for your reminder, or turn the notification off completely.

Points to remember:

  • 250 miles is the default setting, however, you can edit this up to 800 miles.
  • Select the shoe when heading out for a run to ensure your miles are logged accurately.
  • Remember to “retire” your running shoe or turn off notification settings.
  • Finally, notifications continue to be received after you have reached the threshold.

Happy running!

Cameron Hill is a sports podiatrist at Walk On Podiatry Pakenham. Cameron has worked in the footwear retail industry and is a keen runner and cyclist. As a result of living an active lifestyle he enjoys working closely with many people suffering sports related and running injuries. Book an Appointment with Cameron at Pakenham Online today!