Put a spring in your step!

Spring has arrived everyone! Despite the recent changes and inconsistency in Melbourne’s weather, when thinking of spring, I often think of warm weather, blossoming flowers and the races at Flemmington. For most of us, spring signals vibrance, change and regrowth. It is the time of year where we come out of hibernation, shed out winter clothes and head out into the sunshine in search of warmth.

Here are a few tips on how to put your best foot forward this spring:

1. Do you have the right shoe?

Make sure whatever the activity you are attacking you have the right footwear ready for use. You wouldn’t consider running a marathon in gum boots, would you? You don’t have to be a competitive athlete for this rule to apply to you…even a casual walker will feel better in the right shoe. People with diabetes need to be extremely cautious with there footwear selections this spring surfing you wear something comfortable that protects your feet.

2. Are your shoes worn out?

Examine your footwear for signs of wear. Your shoes won’t last a lifetime but your feet need to! Often to the untrained eye, you may not notice the slightest sign of wear and tear. Infact most shoes are designed so that the slightest changes in support features over time will probably go unnoticed. Often it’s not until you slide into a new pair of kickers that you will actually notice and feel the difference.

3. When did you have your orthotics checked last?

Always remember that new footwear needs to be accommodating not only for your desired activity and sport but also for your orthotic. You should have your orthotics checked annually. Spring is the best time to have this done as we all seem to jump onto the healthy lifestyle band wagon and start a new exercise program. If your orthotics are more than two years old, it may be time to have them adjusted or replaced. Your orthotics may not have changed but maybe your feet have!

4. Have your feet checked regularly.

Your podiatrist can provide guidance when choosing the right footwear for you specific to your activity.You should have your feet checked and cared for by a podiatrist regularly to ensure our feet are always keeping you performing at your best…you’ll be glad you did.