Everything You Need To Know About Netball Shoes

Finding the right netball shoes can be a tricky task especially when there are so many things that you need to think about; cushioning, durability, grip just to name a few. As podiatrists we often get asked which netball shoe will suit me best?

To help us narrow down the options for you there are two questions we often ask:
What surface will you be playing on when using your netball shoes?
What position do you play?

Netball shoes are designed to provide support and stability for when you need to change directions. Although all netball shoes appear the same, they are actually designed and constructed differently. Some use a heavy duty rubber outsole to provide greater grip, some are designed to look and feel like a running shoe where as others may be a little clunkier and feel more like a cross trainer.

Although it may seem a little biased as our suggestions only feature Asics Netball shoes; this is because Asics have put quite a bit of research into their netball range ensuring they are supportive, hard wearing and comfortable.

Top Asics Netball shoes:

Super 8

Top of the range in the Asics Netball range.
Increased cushioning providing maximum comfort with gel in both the forefoot and heel – ideal for shooting positions as it provides the highest level of comfort when jumping and landing.
It has a flexible heel counter (at the side) to accommodate an ankle brace.

Gel-Netburner 18

This is the traditional “go to” netball shoe. Often seen as the most stable netball shoe available on the market.
It only has gel in the heel but comes as a full leather option making it super tough and durable.


Relatively new to the Asics range, the Balistic is suitable for neutral foot types and sits you lower to the ground improving stability.
The higher cut top is great to better accommodate orthotic devices.
The soft and flexible “rubber like” upper fits snugly and the dual gel (forefoot and heel) maximises cushioning and comfort.


The Netburner Professionial has been designed based on a running last with greater forefoot flex allowing for greater explosive responsiveness.
The running shoe design and lack of (sometimes heavy) gel make it a lighter weight option for running positions – ideal for wing and centre players.

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