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Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is something our podiatrists are expertly trained in. Ingrown nails are commonly caused by poor nail cutting technique. Tearing off your nail, naturally curved nails or trauma due to running or wearing constricting footwear can also be a contributor.

Although regular ongoing treatment can often help to reduce painful ingrown nails, it isn’t a permanent solution to your problem. Sometimes returning regularly to see your podiatrist can be costly.

Following a discussion with our podiatrists, ingrown toenail surgery may be considered. The removal of an ingrowing section of nail is a straight forward surgical nail procedure. Under local anaesthetic, the offending nail edge is removed and the base of the nail cauterized to prevent regrowth.

This procedure can be conducted in-house under aseptic conditions, saving you a costly trip to hospital.

Our podiatrists are able to provide you with advice before and after the surgery to ensure you get back to enjoying the activities you love as soon as possible. Have your ingrown nail assessed by one of our podiatrists and discuss if this procedure is an option for you.

Some commonly asked questions about nail surgery for ingrown toenails

Will the nail grow back? This is a permanent solution to ingrown toenails, however there is a small chance of regrowth (approx 5%). If regrowth occurs within 12 months, the surgical procedure will be performed with no out of pocket expenses on the day of surgery.

How long is the appointment? We allow 60-90 minutes for the procedure

Will I have an anaesthetic? Yes, local anaesthetic is used to numb your toe and ensure the surgery is pain free

How long does it take to heal? As a general rule, your toe is back to normal within 4 weeks, however the follow up appointments are crucial to ensure healing is taking place and these are conducted weekly for 3-4 weeks post surgery.