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Work Boots – Men’s Health Week

This week is Men’s Health Week and many of us often neglect our feet. When we think about footwear and injury prevention we generally relate this to our running shoes or exercise footwear, we rarely give a thought to work boots.

Quite often our work shoe, which we all spend upwards of 30 hours a week in, is forgotten. For many, like myself, this isn’t a major issue as we spend the majority of the day seated at a desk. For anyone working long hours spending the majority of the day on their feet, selecting the right footwear can be significant in preventing injuries and soreness in the lower back, hips, knees, ankles and feet.

Today for Men’s Health week we’ll be focusing on Ascent work boots. Most work/safety boots on the market are too flexible and lack the support features required for when spending a long day on your feet. Designed on running shoe technology, Ascent work boots provide comfort, support and safety. All Ascent workboots are tested to the highest standards, passing the rigorous Australian & New Zealand safety standards (AS/NZS 2210.3:2009).

The toe safety caps are available in lighter weight fibreglass composite or steel depending on your work sites safety requirements. The main benefits of Ascent work boots are:

Firm heel counter: 
Ascent is renowned for its firm heel counters. The heel counter is the basic component providing ankle and heel support, as well as controlling over pronation. You should not be able to squeeze or push the heel counter in a feature which is lacking is most work boots.

Torsional stability:
All Ascent work boots come with a nylon shank. This provides the boot with stiffness, the front of the boot should not to be able to twist easily on the back part. This also gives the boot strength and allows it to bend where the toes naturally bend not in the middle of the boot.

Midfoot shanking:
A hard moulded thermoplastic stabiliser is present through the midfoot of the boot. This provides support and stability for the arch section of the foot and is particularly important if you are working on uneven terrain and/or up and down ladders.

Ascent boots are available from Athletes Foot stores. If you require any further advice or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your Podiatrist, at Walk On Podiatry Hastings,, Narre Warren, Frankston, or Pakenham.