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Injured working from home?

The last 18 months have been quite interesting. With the recurrent lockdown periods over the last 12-18 months and being urged to stay home where possible to limit travel/transport, a lot of us have found ourselves without work or having to work from home. Despite restrictions lifting, some of us are now set to be working from home for an extended period of time, or even permanently. This can mean quite a few things for our feet!

Working from home and the potential impacts on your feet:

For some of us, it can mean that your feet may actually feel better working from home. If you typically work in role that usually involves lots of time spent on your feet and walking.

However, for others that are usually in cushioned supportive footwear and/or orthotics, time spent at home without shoes and orthotics (especially on hard floorboards or tiles) may mean that our feet are exposed to extra loads and we can experience pain.

Your body takes time to adapt to change and when we have been used to one thing, it can be quite a challenge to get used to another. The lockdowns have affected everyone differently. Some people were unable to attend the gym during the lockdowns and their fitness suffered due to reduced activity. So many of these people developed injuries when returning back to normal activity levels once we were out of lockdown. Others, previously had little time for exercise but being home meant that time previously wasted travelling to and from work became the perfect time to start exercising! Although, exercise is great for us, this change from what our body has been conditioned to is a sure fire way to get injured.

A few simple at home tips to prevent pain include:

    • Arch support thongs
    • Arch support slippers
    • If able, continue wear your regular shoes and your orthotics (if you have them) as you would at work
    • Keep up regular exercise and stretching if you did previously
    • If you want to start exercising, be sensible and start slow. Build gradually and be sure to stretch afterwards.
    • If you had previously been injured keep up your management plan to prepare you for the return to work

If you have developed an injury or if pain persists, podiatrists have been able to remain open and able to assess and provide further treatment!