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Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are a common toenail problem. They can be caused by poor nail cutting technique, curved nail edges, pressure from footwear or repeated trauma to the feet and toes. The reason ingrown toenails are so painful is because there is actually a piece of nail growing into your skin. This can cause irritation of the surrounding nerves and blood vessels and can result in a break in the skin. Once the skin is broken or split this can often lead to infection.

Ingrown toenail

Ingrown toenail home management

If you are having some trouble with an ingrown nail there are a few things you should do to try and settle it down.

  1. Soak your foot in a saline (salt water) bath
  2. Use an antiseptic ointment/liquid such as Betadine and a sterile bandage to reduce the risk of infection
  3. Try not to cut down the side or corner of the nail

If your discomfort fails to settle down and if pain and redness continues, the caring team at Walk On Podiatry can provide you with further advice and a range of treatment options. Our podiatrists can help with regular conservative management or remove the offending nail edge permanently.

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