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Dance Assessments

What is a pre-pointe assessment and what is involved?

A pre-pointe assessment assesses a dancer’s readiness to commence pointe work.
It typically includes assessing the following:
– Joint flexibility
– Muscle strength (particularly ankle and core strength)
– Turnout
– Balance/stability
– Posture and technique

What to bring to your assessment?
Please bring your ballet shoes to your assessment as you will be assessed barefoot and with your
shoes on.
Additionally, please wear appropriate ballet attire to your pre-pointe assessment (ie. leotard and
tights) so that we can clearly see your legs, hips, back and overall posture.

What to expect at your assessment
Once the full initial pre-pointe assessment is conducted, we discuss areas that can be improved. It is
quite rare to pass your pre-pointe assessment on the first try as there are often areas that need to
be fine-tuned. After the assessment is conducted, you will receive a tailored exercise program that
you need to work on at home and in class. Your teacher will also receive a report outlining the
outcomes of the assessment and areas to work on. We will then reassess (may require a few
assessments until you are ready) and once it is determined that you are ready to commence pointe
work, you will be able to purchase your first pointe shoes.

How long is a pre-pointe assessment?
A pre-pointe assessment is an hour consultation so that we have sufficient time to do a full
comprehensive assessment and ensure that the areas of improvement are fully tailored to you.


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