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Here are some of the treatments we use.

Footwear Advice and Sales

The wrong footwear is often a major causative factor when it comes to injury and addressing this can help you get back on your feet sooner.

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CAM Walkers and Moon boots

Podiatrists, we are qualified to fit CAM Walkers and Moon Boots as part of your management plan when treating a fracture or stress reaction.

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Diabetes Foot Health Assessments

We offer high quality care to people with diabetes. Our podiatrists are able to provide general foot care advice, testing of the blood vessels and nerves to assess the status of your feet and the common risks associated with diabetes.

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Dance Assessments

Dancer's feet are so important. As we develop, changes in our foot type and strength can affect our ability to perform. A dance assessment or pre-pointe assessment assesses a dancer’s readiness to progress as a performer or commence pointe work.

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Shockwave therapy

Walk On Podiatry are now utilising a new state of the art treatment called Shock Wave Therapy. It is a common treatment for many musculoskeletal conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendon injuries and many other common sports injuries.

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Walking and Running Assessments

Podiatrists use treadmill and video gait assessment technology to assess your walking or running technique. This process helps identify the factors contributing to your injury and enable our team to develop a management plan to settle your pain, prevent future injury, improve your efficiency of movement and reduce muscle fatigue.

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Comfortable Orthotic Devices

We offer a range of different types of orthotics including custom made, semi-custom and prefabricated orthotics, to accommodate all foot types and different foot conditions.

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Strength and Conditioning

Our team of skilled podiatrists are trained to assess and address the root cause of your pain and help prevent your injury from recurring.

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Nail Surgery

Although regular ongoing treatment can often help to reduce painful ingrown nails, there are other options to permanently remove this section of nail.

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