How To Choose The Right Football Boot

Are you having trouble fitting your orthotics in your footy boots?  Here are a few tips to help you know how to choose the right football boot. With the footy season well and truly in full swing, we often get all types of questions regarding football boots. The Football boots we buy are often chosen because we see our favourite player wearing them. Or sometimes because we like the colour!  Buying a footy boot is an important decision and we need to put this aside and consider some of important functional features. Some important function features include comfort, foot shape, materials, stud configuration and support. 

How To Choose The Right Football Boot.

Selecting a boot that lets you perform at your best is far more important that style, colour or which famous sports person wears them. The right boot for your feet will ensure you have extreme comfort, support and prevent you from developing injuries. The 4 most important things you should consider when buying new boots are:


Getting your boot fitted by a professional is key to comfort and injury prevention. When buying boots online you run the risk of them being too wide or too narrow. This can increase the likelihood of blistering, nail damage, and increase load on specific muscles. A professional can take into account your training and game history, your foot shape, and if you need to fit an orthotic. They also have up to date knowledge on the boots functional features.


Believe it or not, the materials the boot is made of can effect overall fit and function. The lighter more synthetic materials often lack durability and support and do not conform to the foot like the leather options. Kangaroo leather is strong and durable, and will respond well to kicking and the rapid change in direction.


The general rule of thumb here is that mouldable studs are better in dry conditions when the surface is hard and when its wet and slippery the longer screw ins are better suited. If you are a higher level player, sometimes it’s worth having two pairs with different stud configurations.


Trying to fit orthotics or innersoles into your foot boots can be quite tricky. However, there are more options now available that are orthotic friendly. A light weight, low profile football boot will often not have the required depth to fit an orthotic. Having a removable liner is great, because the orthotic can then slip straight in. A football boot with a firm heel counter will complement the orthotic, and improve comfort. Asics, New Balance and Adidas all have orthotic friendly options in their range.

If you are unsure if a certain football boot will be appropriate for you or you are looking for advice on a new boot, make an appointment online or phone our clinic to chat to one of our Podiatrists.