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How Can Your Podiatrist Help You This Pandemic?

Have you recently injured yourself? How can Podiatry help?

As podiatrists we have a very important role to play in Australia’s health care system. In fact most people don’t realise that we play a pivotal role in people’s every day lives. Now more than ever, podiatrists and other allied health professionals can help you with your problem and reduce the demand on an already stretched public health system.

Did you know that due to the recent isolation measures implemented due to COVID-19, there has been an increase in the number of “at home” related injuries. In fact, Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital reported that in the last 3 weeks, presentations to their emergency room for injuries sustained at home have been more than any other reason. The number of people that have hurt themselves doing the odd DIY job around the house has increased significantly, with falls off ladders leading the way. However, exercise related injuries are also on a sharp rise.

In isolation, we have more time on our hands and are unable to do the things we normally would.  Therefore, many Australians are turning to exercise as a way to reduce their boredom and get out of the house. Depending on your level of fitness, your body may not quite be ready for this increase in load. Even if you are typically a fit and healthy person, exercising more increases load on our muscles and joints. This increase may still be too much for your body regardless of your fitness level.

Podiatrists can help with a range of common health problems and injuries. Whether it’s removing a painful corn, or addressing someone’s foot and/or ankle pain we have a large scope of practice. Consequently, we can help manage a number of problems which would prevent you from having to present to a hospital emergency department or see your GP. Public health services and GP clinics are under staffed and under resourced at the best of times let alone during this pandemic. Did you know that you don’t have to see a GP or head to hospital, we can help?

As a profession, podiatrists can help with:

We are presented with these conditions every day. Therefore, we provide extensive services to further examine or treat these conditions. This services and interventions include:


If you are one of the many unlucky people that have developed a foot or ankle problem during the pandemic and isolation we are here to help! Pain in your feet and ankles is not normal. You don’t have to be in pain. Book an appointment today so we can help you get back on your feet!