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Eliminate those Dry and Cracked Heels

Are your heels summer ready? Eliminate those Dry and Cracked Heels.
Summer is fast approaching, the time where the closed in shoes take a step back and the open shoes come out in force! But have you had a thought on how this change will affect the health of the skin on your feet?

The more exposed your feet are to the open air the quicker they will dry out. If you are already prone to hard skin or callus on your heels there is a higher risk that this callus will crack. Ouch! A simple and easy way to try to eliminate those dry and cracked heels is a moisturising cream! Which one you say? Now there are thousands of different creams on the market and some of them are better than others. I know it probably sounds a little obvious but it is best to always use a cream that is designed to be used on feet.

The skin on your feet is roughly 3 times thicker than the rest of your body so those every day body creams unfortunately won’t have much of an effect.  Although there are many creams specifically designed for your feet there are those creams within that category that unfortunately don’t work as well as others either. The types of foot cream to keep your eyes out for are the ones that have a Urea base. Urea is what is known as a keratolytic emollient; this means that it softens keratin which is a major component of your skin. This improves the skin’s moisture binding capacity. Urea does this by helping to dissolve some of the cells of the outermost layer of skin (stratum corneum) and promotes cell shedding of scaly skin, eventually resulting in the softening of calloused areas.

Creams that have a higher percentage of Urea will be most effective in combating those dry, scaly and hard heels this summer! At Walk On Podiatry we have 2 different creams readily available that satisfy the needs of your dry and cracked feet. These are:

  • Walker’s Urea 15, which contains 15% Urea
  • Dermal Platinum Heel Balm, which contains 25% Urea

These creams are available for purchase and make great gift ideas. If you are unsure which cream would be best suited to your feet feel free to ask one of our knowledgeable and friendly Podiatrists at Walk On Podiatry!

Tania Vascon is a sports podiatrist at Walk On Podiatry Narre Warren where she assists in the management of sports related injuries focusing on dancing and ballet pre-pointe assessments.