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Footwear Advice and Sales

Whether you are trying to manage an injury, prevent an injury or just have comfortable feet, footwear plays an important role. We are passionate about footwear and as part of your management plan are qualified to assess and fit all types. The wrong footwear is often a major causative factor when it comes to injury and addressing this can help you get back on your feet sooner. Most of us understand the importance of having a different shoe for each of your different activities and sports (football, netball, running golf etc.) but the shoe we use day to day for work or school are often overlooked. What most people don’t realise is that these are the shoes you spend the majority of your week wearing. Our podiatrists have extensive footwear knowledge and are able to recommend a variety of supportive options for you. We can help with work/business shoes, school shoes, runners and sporting footwear including football boots.

Before investing in a pair of shoes that aren’t appropriate for your feet, we suggest you speak to one of our podiatrists for some advice. Our podiatrists can assess your gait (the way your foot functions) using treadmill and video gait analysis. This assessment allows us to complete a slow motion assessment of your gait to better understand your footwear needs.

We want you to be comfortable and have your feet well supported throughout your day. Therefore, all of our podiatry clinics stock a wide range of high quality mens and ladies footwear for all of your needs. Our super friendly reception team are also well trained in fitting footwear. All you need to do is select your favourite style and one of our team will be able to measure your feet to ensure the fit is perfect. We stock and have access to a range of footwear that are all orthotic friendly. Below is a list of our most popular brands.

Ascent Safety Shoes and Work Boots:

Ascent Footwear are proven and innovative Australian born and bred footwear brand. Ascent shoes are engineered for comfort and are a step above the rest with their durability, cushioning and support features. LEARN MORE…

Dr Comfort:

Dr Comfort footwear are the worldwide leading provider of diabetic footwear. They were originally designed in partnership with certified pedorthists and have become the leader by recognising the need for a COMFORTABLE, QUALITY and STYLISH therapeutic shoe.


Revere shoes were designed in Australia with the vision to create a high quality orthopaedic shoe. Since then, the brand has transformed itself to include stylish shoes for every occasion and for every season.


Vionic shoes use the orthotic technology developed by Australian Podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli, the award winning orthaheel orthotic. The support can be found in all Vionic sandals, slippers, active shoes and casual flats.


Made and distributed by Scholl, they have been making foot care products for over 120 years. From their origin, back in 1904, Scholl has been caring for our feet by developing supportive orthotics and footwear which are sold around the world.


Archies Support Thongs incorporate an arch support similar to what you would find in a a prefabricated, “off the shelf” orthotic. The support found in Archies thongs can help to support the foot to reduce stress and strain on muscles and joints of the lower legs and feet and they look like regular thongs!

Ascent Groove Thongs

Ascent recovery sandals & thongs are super comfortable. Uniquely designed to reduce pressure on the plantar fascia and reduce heel pain.  The cushioned foot bed and arch support provides pain relief and promotes faster recovery post-sport or work.