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Diabetes Foot Health Assessments

Appropriate care for your feet is vital in the management of diabetes and its many side effects. Poor foot health is commonly seen in people with diabetes and if not managed appropriately or assessed regularly can result more serious complications such as infections or even wounds.

As podiatrists our main goal is to ensure your feet remain healthy and we live by the motto “prevention is better than cure”. We take a very thorough diabetes and medical history and examine your feet for signs of changes/complications caused by diabetes. Common foot problems related to diabetes are poor circulation and decreased nerve sensation. We use the latest in Doppler Ultrasound technology to assess the blood flow and circulation in your lower legs and feet. Our also podiatrists have the tools and skills to assess your nerve function to ensure the protective sensation is intact.

We complete a comprehensive report for your GP, Diabetes nurse and/or Endocrinologist (diabetes specialist) outlining the status of your foot health and then provide you with easy to understand advice for prevention and maintenance.