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Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease in Australia, increasing faster than heart disease. More than 280 Australians are diagnosed every day; approximately one every 5 min. Therefore, appropriate care for your feet is vital in the management of diabetes and its many side effects. Poor foot health is commonly seen in people with diabetes and if not managed appropriately or assessed regularly can result more serious complications such as infections or even wounds. Common foot problems related to diabetes are poor circulation and decreased nerve sensation. 

Poor circulation means there is a reduction in oxygen and nutrients traveling to your feet that make the healing of cuts, abrasions and burns slower. Reduced blood flow can reduce your body’s ability to fight infections.

The nerves in the feet can become damaged from diabetes which can cause a lack of feeling and areas of numbness. This is called Peripheral Neuropathy – symptoms include the loss of feeling and sensation and/or tingling, pins and needles or burning pain in the legs and feet.

Walk On Podiatry is able to offer high quality care to people with diabetes. Our podiatrists are able to provide general foot care advice, testing of the blood vessels and nerves to assess the status of your feet and the common risks associated with diabetes. We work closely alongside your GP, Diabetes nurse or Endocrinologist (diabetes specialist) to provide easy to understand advice for prevention, maintenance and education.