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Corns - Interdigital Corns

Interdigital Corns

Corns are a sore spot of hard (although can be also be soft) discoloured skin on your feet and toes. These small area of localised callouses can occur on different areas on your feet. Today we are talking about the corns that develop between some of your toes. These are called interdigital corns (meaning between the digits or toes).

What are corns? How do they develop?

Like corns on the bottom of your feet, interdigital corns are caused by repetitive pressure applied to a focal or small area between the toes (usually over a bony prominence such as a joint). The friction caused by the two toes rubbing and compressing together will result in excess skin formation. The hardened and thickened skin can press on small nerve endings resulting in increased pain and irritation.
Corns between the toes are commonly caused by:

    • Tight footwear or shoes with a narrow toe box (the end of the shoe that encloses your toes)
    • Toe deformities or joint abnormalities (including bunions, hammer toes, mallet toes and retracted toes)

Should I be worried if I have interdigital corns?

Please don’t stress too much! You will be pleased to know that they are easily treated by your podiatrist. An expert podiatrist will have a few tricks up their sleeve to help you eliminate these permanently!

Treatment options, what can I do about them?

Short term treatment:

    • Gentle removal of the hard skin.
    • Review of footwear to ensure a good fitting shoe with a toe box with plenty of room to fit the toes.

Long term treatment and prevention:

    • The use of a toe spacer or silicon toe sock in between your toes to prevent rubbing
    • Surgical referral or opinion for ongoing/extensive deformities (as a last resort!)

What about corn pads from the chemist? Do they work?

There are number of home remedies that can sometimes be useful in managing and eliminating corns. One of the most common people head out and buy before they see a podiatrist is a pack of corn pads. Depending on your overall health, this may not be a great idea. These corn pads use an acid designed to eat away at the skin and corn. This can be particularly dangerous if you have diabetes or a compromised immune system because the time it takes to heal the damaged skin will increase your risk of infection. Despite this, using a corn pad can be very uncomfortable, increase your risk of infection and won’t eliminate the reason the corn developed in the first place.

If you think you have corns and they are painful get in touch with us and book an appointment online by clicking HERE.