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Comfortable Orthotic Devices

Our feet were originally designed to function on soft surfaces like dirt, sand and mud not the concrete, tile or hardwood floors we all typically walk on today.

The way we walk and force reflected by these hard surfaces commonly increases your risk for injury. Foot orthoses (commonly known as ‘orthotics’ or ‘arch supports’) are used to improve the overall function of your feet and lower legs. They do this by improving your foot’s alignment in relation to the lower legs, the knees and hips. Orthotics optimize the efficiency of your walking and running patterns and reduce the load and stress on your lower leg muscles and joints.

All of our podiatrists are highly skilled in biomechanical assessment and treadmill gait analysis enabling them to determine whether an orthotic device is appropriate and are able to determine which type of orthotic would be most suitable for your condition. At our podiatry clinics, we offer a range of different types of orthotics including custom made, semi-custom and prefabricated orthotics, to accommodate all foot types and different foot conditions.

Our orthotics are manufactured in Australia by Footwork Podiatric Laboratory (Keysborough). Footwork use the latest in 3D Printing, CAD CAM technology (computer aided design, computer aided manufacture) and premium quality materials to provide a superior quality product.

Rebates for orthotic devices are available through your podiatry private health insurer when you are fitted by your Podiatrist and can be claimed at the time of your appointment via our HICAPs machine.

If you want to find out more about orthotics or want help returning back to those activities you love, make an appointment with one of our podiatrists today.