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Clubfoot – Walk For Life Charity

Clubfoot – Walk For Life Charity. Although many of us may have heard of clubfoot, also known as talipes, most of us would not have much of an understanding of the condition. It is a deformity which usually presents in infants from birth. In clubfoot, the tendons which connect the muscles to the bone are shorter than usual which results in the child’s foot being turned inward, often so severely that the bottom of the foot faces sideways or even upward.

This condition is quite a common birth abnormality occurring roughly one in every 1000 births. This condition can be mild or severe and about half the cases present with signs in both feet. Clubfoot makes it very difficult to walk normally, we are incredibly lucky here in Australia to have first class management and surgery making treatment very successful.

Before and after ClubfootWalk On Podiatry is proud to provide continued support for the charity Walk for Life. In Australia we often take it for granted that quality medical care is readily at hand. Many of the world’s population, such as those living in developing countries like Bangladesh don’t get to enjoy this privilege. Walk for Life assists the children of Bangladesh who are born with clubfoot deformity. Charity ambassador and podiatrist Dr Angela Evans states, “Untreated clubfoot deformity will often lead to a life of disability, foot and ankle pain, social stigma, unemployment and poverty”.

Bangladesh, with a population approaching 160 million, has approximately 5,000 babies born each year with clubfoot deformity. With the average annual income for a family in Bangladesh being US$650, the total cost of treatment of $120, which might not seem like much to us, can often be out of reach for the poorest families. Amazingly, this $120 covers the full corrective treatment for a child including plaster casts, Achilles surgery, boots and bar braces, to achieve a fully functioning foot, enabling them the best chance to lead normal lives free from disability.

Last year, podiatrists from our clinic took part in the Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay, an event involving a team of 12 cyclists riding from Echuca to Port Fairy (520km) in 24 hours. As a result of the team’s efforts, close to $10,000 was raised for Walk for Life.

While we aim to be involved in the cycling event in early 2016, we encourage you to consider supporting this extremely worthwhile charity directly by contacting one of our clinics or picking up a brochure during your next visit. You can expect to hear more about this great cause later in the year!

For more information about Walk For Life or to donate please go to http://walkforlife.org.au/