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Children’s Foot and Leg Injuries

We have a passion for children’s podiatry and a special interest in providing a holistic approach to Children’s Foot and Leg Injuries.

We understand that treating your child’s foot problem requires special care and consideration. Our podiatrists provide a thorough paediatric biomechanical assessment to better assess and diagnose your child’s injury and develop a specific management plan.

There are many common adult foot problems and injuries that can stem from birth and childhood. Often these adult injuries can be prevented by well managed podiatry during childhood.

It is important to have your child’s feet, lower limbs and gait assessed by a podiatrist as they progress through their developmental milestones, especially if there is a family history of foot and lower limb problems.

Our podiatrists continue to undergo post graduate study and attend seminars to further develop their skills in podiatry for children.

Some of the most common children’s foot and leg injuries we can help manage are:

If your child is complaining of lower leg, foot or ankle pain or are concerned about their walking pattern please make an appointment today.