Foot care

Corns – Interdigital Corns

Corns are a sore spot of hard (although can be also be soft) discoloured skin on your feet and toes. These small area of localised callouses can occur on different areas on your feet including between your toes.

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Eliminate those Dry and Cracked Heels

A simple and easy way to try to eliminate those dry and cracked heels is a moisturising cream! Which one you say? Now there are thousands of different creams on the market and some of them are better than others. I know it probably sounds a little obvious but it is best to always use a cream that is designed to be used on feet.

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Diabetes Week

Diabetes is a chronic condition which is becoming more and more prevalent in society yet most people still know very little about this disease. Did you know that people with Diabetes are more likely to be hospitalised due to foot problems than for any other reason?

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