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Care of Orthotics.

Care of Orthotics:

Most of us invest in our health in a variety of ways. Some of us have custom foot orthotics to support our feet and keep us free from injury and pain. It is important to be aware that orthotic devices don’t last forever! How well you look after these orthotics will improve their lifespan and also make sure you get the most out them. Here are eight tips on how to care for your orthotic devices to improve their lifespan and keep your feet moving.

  1. Sand and soil in your shoes will abrade your orthotics and reduce their lifespan. Make sure to keep your shoes clear of sand and dirt by emptying them out every night.
  2. Do not immerse orthotics in water. Water absorbs into the materials the devices are made from which can cause them the glue to de-laminate and prematurely deteriorate .
  3. To clean your orthotics use a mild detergent with warm water and wipe them down with cloth or antibacterial wipes. Again the use of hot water can breakdown the adhesive bonds in the glue used in top covers and stabilising posts. If you don’t wear socks with your orthotics it is advised to clean them on a regular basis.
  4. To minimise the risk of bacterial infections you should regularly air your orthotics. Not only can this be great for killing bacteria and fungus but it can help to reduce odour.
  5. Avoid prolonged exposure to extremes in temperature. E.g. Don’t leave orthotics in shoes in your car on a hot day and avoid drying shoes in front of a fireplace and/or heater. Extreme heat can lead to loss of shape of your orthotic device.
  6. Keep your orthotic out of reach of animals, certain types of orthotics will be ruined by chewing.
  7. Depending on the type of shoe orthotics may squeak when walking. If this is happening try talcum powder, wax or soap to the edges of your orthotics or to the inside of the shoe. If this does not help please do not hesitate to contact your podiatrist as there are other means to eliminating squeaking.
  8. Having a second pair of orthotics for different shoes can also prolong the life of an orthotic and avoid the hassle of having to swap your orthotic between different shoes.

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