Which Football Boots should I buy this season?

Looking for the best football boots for 2019? The smell of fresh cut grass is in the air! The AFL season is off to a flyer. Likewise the A-league is winding up for a great finals series. Over the next couple of weekends a number of local comps kick off for the first time in 2019. It always surprises me how many local footballers fail to invest in a good footy boot; it’s not too late to upgrade your football boot for season 2019.

Every year we see a number of injuries that could have been prevented or the extent of the injury minimised if a better football boot was in use. Therefore, selecting the right boot is hugely important in regards to stability and support.

“Which are the best football boots for me?” I hear you ask. Interestingly, when comparing football boots, not all boots are created equal. Asics boots have a 10mm heel to toe gradient that is built into the sole of the shoe. Consequently, this raise reduces the load on the Achilles and calf. There are two main styles in the Asics range; a performance boot and stable boot.

Here are some of the best football boots for this season:

Asics Lethal Tigreor (performance)

Asics Gel Lethal Tigreor one of the best football boots for 2019

  • 10mm Heel lift to reduce calf, Achilles and heel stress
  • Made from a premium quality leather
  • New Flytefoam midsole for extra support and cushioning
  • Removable sock liner to accommodate orthotics
  • Available up to a size 17US – vary rare find!


Asics Menace (Performance)

  • Asics Gel Menace - one of the best football boots for 201910mm Heel lift to reduce calf, Achilles and heel stress.
  • High performance lightweight boot
  • Narrow in width
  • 3mm shorter studs making it ideal on hard grounds or surfaces and for quick release on change of direction
  • Suitable for high field speed positions

Asics Gel Lethal Ultimate (Stability)

  • Asics Gel Lethal Ultimate - one of the best football boots for 2019Ideal for either game day or training
  • High level of ankle support and wider heel base making it perfect for players with ankle instability
  • Dual Density Midsole to provide increased cushioning and comfort like no other football boot
  • 10mm heel raise
  • Deep heel counter
  • Removable sock liner to accommodate orthotics
  • Wider fit

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a boot outside the Asics range, I have found a couple of others that aren’t too bad either.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII (Performance)

Nike Tiempo Legend VII - great football boot for narrower feet

  • Super comfortable and soft feel
  • Narrow fit – despite this it is wide by Nike’s standards
  • Lightweight for increased performance
  • Suitable for high speed field positions

X – Blade Jet III 19

  • X-Blade Jet III 19 - great boot for soft grounds and pitchesGreat option for wider feet; they come in a range of widths
  • Increased comfort with neoprene inner sock
  • Outsole designed to penetrate the ground quickly to increase stability and traction
  • Good option for softer grounds and surfaces


Top Takeaways:

  • Firstly, always try on football boots with football socks; they are thicker than regular socks      and will ensure you end up with the correct size
  • Make sure you allow up to a thumbs width at the end of the boot to allow for growing feet.      Measure this from the longest toe. In other words, the longest isn’t always the big toe!
  • Stick to one of the deeper heel cups if you’re fitting orthotics into your boots
  • Finally, support is important but so is comfort; go with what feels comfortable for you.

In short, matter what level you’re planning on playing at this season, do yourself a favour and invest in a decent pair of football boots.

Andrew Goff – Podiatrist at Walk On Podiatry Narre Warren specialising in lower limb sporting injuries and gait analysis. He has previously played soccer in Victoria’s National Premier League and is currently a State 1 Level Player with Mornington SC. Book an appointment online today.