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Want to know more about the best basketball shoes?

Looking for new basketball shoes for the new season?

Looking to dominate the court like Lebron and Steph Curry? We have got you sorted with the best tips on which basketball shoes will be best suited for you!

The most important feature of a basketball shoe is the lateral support or side-to-side movement that protects your foot from rolling in or out. Basketball shoes will typically have grooves and additional rubber on the outside of the shoe to prevent any slipping and allow for sudden changes in movement during a game. Historically, local players have resulted in using runners for basketball which can be problematic as runners are only designed for straight line movement such as running and not the side-to-side motion that basketball and netball requires. As such, basketball shoes can be just as comfortable as runners but also protect your foot and ankle.

Many of these shoes will consist of a heel lift which is built into the shoe which can reduce the load on the Achilles and calf muscle. Typically they are deep enough to house your orthotic should you need to place them within the shoe.

Here is a list of some of the best basketball shoes available at the moment:

Nike Lebron These are some of the best basketball shoes!

    • The most stable of all the basketball shoes on this list
    • Has the thickest soles of all the shoes on this list
    • Better suited to wider and taller players
    • Most premium shoe on the market

Nike Kyrie These are some of the best basketball shoes!

    • Very lightweight and agile
    • Provides excellent stability around the ankle
    • Soft cushioning and better suited to guards
    • Great value for money

Adidas Dame

Nike make some of the best basketball shoes!

    • Significant cushioning to protect the foot
    • Snug fit to hold foot in place
    • Low to the ground which allows you to feel the court
    • Better suited for guards

Under Armour CurryUnder Armour Steph Curry Edition

    • My personal favourite
    • Super comfortable and responsive
    • Provides a good balance of stability and lightweight
    • Knit upper adds for softness but allows for rapid movements

New Balance 2 Way New Balance 2 Way

    • Versatile stable shoe
    • Plenty of cushioning through the entire sole
    • Higher on the ankle to provide more stability


Here are some other quick fire tips on getting the right shoe:

    • Firstly, always try on your basketball shoes with your game-day socks; they are thicker than regular socks and will ensure you end up with the correct size
    • Make sure you allow up to a thumbs width at the end of the shoe to allow for growing feet. Measure this from the longest toe. In other words, the longest isn’t always the big toe!
    • Ensure that the shoe is deep enough if you are wearing orthotics! Most will accommodate this
      Finally, support is important but so is comfort; go with what feels comfortable for you.

In short, matter what level you’re planning on playing at all this season, do yourself a favour and invest in a decent pair of basketball shoes. This will help you stay on the court longer and help to prevent some of the more common basketball injuries we see in the clinic.