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Troublesome Summer Footwear: Sandals and Thongs 

Orthaheel thongsLeading into the warmer weather, now is the perfect time to be looking at an alternative footwear option for the summer months. Most of us like to spend this warmer period wearing sandals and thongs as they keep your feet cool.

Despite this perceived comfort, this style of shoe lacks the appropriate support most of us require and as many of you probably find, can't accommodate your orthotics hence this style of shoe is can leave you sore and tired after a long day on your feet. Read More...

Football Boots 

Joel Selwood wears Asics. Wanting to find the right football boot for you?With local football well and truly underway, it still comes a bit of a surprise that many avid footballers are yet to invest in a good football boot. Over the weekend I witnessed a couple of season ending injuries to a couple of great suburban footballers.

These injuries may have been prevented or at the very least the degree of damage may have been reduced if the appropriate footwear were being used. Selecting the right football boot in regards to stability and support can be hugely important in minimising injuries and there is one brand in particular does it better then most. Read More...

Shin Pain or Shin Splints 

Shin splints are a common lower leg injury.So you've just started exercising again, it's been a while since you've done this but feel it's time to get fit and active again and start running a couple of times per week. Not long after you start your new health kick you start to develop shin pain. Does this sound like you?

Shin splints are one of the most common injuries amongst runners or sports people and is also referred to as medial tibial stress syndrome. Shin splints are the common term used to describe pain along the front inside or medial section of the shin or lower leg. Read More...