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Get your feet Summer ready: Eliminate those Dry and Cracked Heels 

Dry heelAre your heels summer ready? Summer is fast approaching, the time where the closed in shoes take a step back and the open shoes come out in force! But have you had a thought on how this change will affect the health of the skin on your feet?

The more exposed your feet are to the open air the quicker they will dry out. 
If you are already prone to hard skin or callus on your heels there is a higher risk that this callus will crack. Ouch! A simple and easy way to try and combat this is moisturising cream! Read More...

Diabetes Week 

Diabetes blood sugar testingThis week is Diabetes awareness week. Diabetes is a chronic condition which is becoming more and more prevalent in society yet most people still know very little about this disease.

Did you know that people with Diabetes are more likely to be hospitalised due to foot problems than for any other reason? Diabetes is characterised by increased amounts of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream. Blood sugar levels are controlled by insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas and Diabetes occurs when your body can't produce enough insulin or the body can't effectively use the insulin it produces or both. Read More...

Winter woes - Chilblains 

Chilblains are caused by rapid changes to the skin's temperature.Its winter and you have decided to brave the cold mornings with some brisk exercise. Firstly, congratulations on making it out from under your warm blankets and into the fresh frosty weather.

Getting up on a cold morning isn't an easy feat (no pun intended) and although the thermometer has dropped to low temperatures we can’t just say goodbye to exercise until spring. Exercise is an important daily routine that can help keep our bodies in good health. So what problems can our feet encounter whilst exercising in cold weather?  Read More...

Diabetes and caring for your feet 

Diabetes can cause a number of complications when it comes to your foot health. Despite everything we know about Diabetes and management, prevention is the best cure.Diabetes can have a significant effect on the health of your feet but like most things, prevention is the best medicine. Keeping your foot healthy with a careful daily foot care regimen will help prevent some of the risks associated with diabetes.

You should start by having a preparing a kit to help you care for your feet. This foot care kit should contain nail clippers, a nail file, moisturising cream, a pumice stone and hand mirror (for safety, a non-breakable mirror). Storing these things together makes it easier to follow your daily foot care routine.

If followed, these 8 simple tips should help keep your feet safe from harm and healthy: