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Joel Selwood wears Asics. Wanting to find the right football boot for you?With local football well and truly underway, it still comes a bit of a surprise that many avid footballers are yet to invest in a good football boot. Over the weekend I witnessed a couple of season ending injuries to a couple of great suburban footballers.

These injuries may have been prevented or at the very least the degree of damage may have been reduced if the appropriate footwear were being used. Selecting the right football boot in regards to stability and support can be hugely important in minimising injuries and there is one brand in particular does it better then most.

Asics football boots, when compared to most other football boots on the market, are the only boots to consistently have a 10mm heel to toe gradient built in to the mid sole. This gradient improves overall efficiency of lower limb muscles by decreasing the load on the posterior compartment muscles and structures such as the Achilles, calves and heels. Asics have two main styles of boot, a lighter weight performance boot and also a more stable boot built to provide max comfort and stability.

Asics Gel Lethal Ultimate 10, Lethal 16 and Club 7:

The Ultimate range provides greater stability and comfort in a football boot. These boots have a wider stud pattern and wider base of heel which provides far greater stability. Comfort and cushioning is increased in the boot due to the EVA midsole.  Better suited to dryer conditions this boot is a great option as a training boot during if you can afford the luxury of a second boot for game day. Suits all foot types and provides a very stable base if using an orthotic.

 Asics Gel Lethal Tigreor, Testimonial, Flash and Stats:

These boots are the light weight performance boot in the Asics range. This style of boot is built on a narrow stud pattern with slightly longer stops. This means it performs better in wet conditions but does lack stability. This boot is a great game day option and can still accommodate an orthotic due to its depth through the heel counter. It is better suited to more neutral foot types

Be careful if you have a history of ankle instability/injuries as you may better suited to the more stable Ultimate range. I hope this advice helps you to select the right football boot and keep you injury free for throughout the 2014 season.

If you require any further advice or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your podiatrist at Walk On Podiatry.

Luke Smith
Podiatrist - Hastings