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Great Ideas for Foot and Lower Leg health

Life is full of opportunities that we want to grab with both hands. However a moments though on how best to protect and look after our feet and lower legs and could pay dividends in the future. Here are many great ideas that just may keep you on your feet .

Ingrown Toenails 

Ingrown toe nailsIf you have ever suffered from an ingrown toenail you will be quick to agree that the pain associated with it can be incredible! The sharp pain caused along the edge or at the corner of your nail when wearing closed footwear makes it feel like the nail is digging into your skin. Well…it actually is.

An ingrown nail occurs when a sharp corner or side of your nail presses and digs into the skin next to the nail edge. Once this nail pierces the skin, your toe and the surrounding area often becomes red and is painful to touch.  Read More...

Fungal nails or Toe Nail Fungus 

Fungal Nails or Toe Nail FungusFungal nail infections are the most common disease that effect toenails and is the main cause of about half of all nail abnormalities. Onychomycosis is the medical term used to describe this nail appearance. 

A fungal nail infection can effect either toe nails or finger nails, but is most common in toe nails and is prevalent in approximately 6-8% of adults. The appearance of this infection differs depending on the type of fungal nail infection present. Read More...

Diabetes and caring for your feet 

Diabetes can cause a number of complications when it comes to your foot health. Despite everything we know about Diabetes and management, prevention is the best cure.Diabetes can have a significant effect on the health of your feet but like most things, prevention is the best medicine. Keeping your foot healthy with a careful daily foot care regimen will help prevent some of the risks associated with diabetes.

You should start by having a preparing a kit to help you care for your feet. This foot care kit should contain nail clippers, a nail file, moisturising cream, a pumice stone and hand mirror (for safety, a non-breakable mirror). Storing these things together makes it easier to follow your daily foot care routine.

If followed, these 8 simple tips should help keep your feet safe from harm and healthy:  

Anzac Day - Trench Foot 

Anzac DayToday is Anzac Day and we remember all those who served our country. Not only did they have to fight the enemy on the battlefields but they were fighting some pretty serious foot problems too! 

Trench Foot was a condition that caused significant problems for our Anzacs, their friends and their foes. During World War I, trench warfare was all the rage.  Read More...

Ingrown Toenail Surgery 

If you have suffered from a recurring ingrown toenail you can attest to the increasing discomfort and frustration they provide! Ingrowing toenails are a common toenail problem and can be extremely painful and if left un-managed or un-treated can become infected and may require surgery. To learn more about ingrown toenails please read our previous blog. Read More...