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Orthotics - what are they and why you may need them.

Leading an active life is everyone's goal. Maintaining healthy feet, ankles and lower legs is an essential part of being active and orthotics can be critical to helping you reach your goals. Orthotics are appropriate for all ages.

Orthotics in Melbourne.

Walk on Podiatry, based in South East Melbourne, are primary health care specialists for your feet, ankles and lower legs. Orthotics are one of the many treatments that we can provide, to get you back on your feet and leading an active life.

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Orthotics - what are they?

Orthotics being fitted to a persons foot in MelbourneOrthotics are shoe inserts or arch supports that can be beneficial in the management of many lower leg conditions. They can be custom designed for your feet to reduce the force on your lower limb muscles and joints which may be causing your foot pain, ankle pain or shin pain.

Orthotics - why may you need them?

Orthotics are designed to help improve the way you walk and run and are designed to re-distribute the load, pressure and force placed on your feet. Orthotics can help reduce the excessive stress and load placed on the joints, ligaments and muscles of the feet and lower limbs relieving foot pain and reducing the risk of further overuse injuries.

Orthotics are often needed because we spend so much time on hard floors. This picture shows a runner in Melbourne running or the roads and pavementsWhy do we get foot and lower leg injuries that need Orthotics? Our feet were designed to walk on relatively soft surfaces such as sand, earth, mud, etc. Not the concrete, tiles and hard floors so prevalent today.

We find that most people have feet that pronate or roll in when they walk. Pronation is normal; it is the way your body absorbs shock. However, it is when your feet excessively pronate that you may start to experience pain in the foot, knee, back and hips. Other symptoms are tired and aching muscles and shoes wearing out unevenly. Long term, excessive pronation can even result in osteoarthritis.

Catching children early that have feet that over pronate can be critical to them leading an active and healthy life style. Sore or uncomfortable feet and ankles are one of the most un-diagnosed reasons why children prefer to sit on the couch rather than get outside and play.

Orthotics - four steps to keep your life active and interesting.

Step 1. A biomechanical assessment.

We use a variety of techniques to carefully assess your injury and measure the way your foot is functioning. From these evaluations, we can advise you not only if you would benefit from orthotics, but we can help devise a management plan specific to your injury. This assessment process is something our Podiatrists are specialised in and their expertise will help them design you a more comfortable and functional orthotic device.

Step 2. Our recommendation.

If your biomechanical and injury assessment indicates that you would benefit from orthotics, we will recommend the most appropriate type of orthotic device to address your injury. Our recommendation will be tailored specifically for your body and your injury.

We offer a range of orthotics; custom made, semi-custom and prefabricated. We will discuss with you the different types of orthotics available for your condition and advise you on what will be the most appropriate solution to assist in the management of your injury.

Once we have your consent, we will take a 3D digital laser scan of your foot and all the other measurements we need to design and order your orthotics from our Melbourne based supplier. Because we custom build your orthotics specifically for you, they take around ten days to manufacture.

Step 3. Orthotics fitting session.

Our podiatrist will fit your orthotics to your shoes and make sure they fit well and are functioning correctly. We give you lots of support and advice on how to use and look after your orthotics. You will be advised on a slow and gradual wearing in period to ensure they are not only comfortable but don't cause any problems for you. 

Step 4. Orthotics review.

Checking in to make sure everything is going well and to allow us to monitor your progress is very important. This consultation provides an opportunity for your podiatrist to see how your body is adapting to your new orthotics and to make any minor adjustments if required.

If you want to find out more about orthotics or want help returning back to those activities you love, make an appointment with one of our podiatrists today.

Our orthotic services are available in our Narre Warren, Pakenham, Hastings and Chelsea clinics.

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