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Shin splints or Shin pain

Shin Splints are the general term used to refer to pain or inflammation that occurs either in the front or along the inside section of the shin or lower leg. The tightness and tenderness that occurs with activities such as walking or running can be quite debilitating and prevent you from participating in these activities.

Excessive force and overuse of the muscles and tendons along the shin is often the cause of this shin pain. The team at Walk On Podiatry are able to provide a thorough assessment enabling them to diagnose your shin pain and develop a management plan specific for you.

Comfortable Orthotics 

When seeing patients for the first time, many of them express concerns and reservations when it comes to their orthotics. "I have orthotics but they are uncomfortable" is a comment we often hear. I believe that it is possible to make an orthotic device that fits and feels comfortable for everyone who wears them.

There are going to be some feet that may present as a greater challenge than others. However, with the necessary adjustments and some fine tuning I still think it is possible to design and create an orthotic that provides comfort while providing efficient foot function. Read More...

Attention Triathletes! 5 Important Foot Tips that can Make or Break a Race 

With the warmer weather upon us, it’s time for many to shave the legs, don the lycra and put their winter training to good use as the Melbourne triathlon season is here!

Some triathletes will have already competed at the iconic Noosa and Shepparton triathlons recently and don’t need reminding that Melbourne’s Gatorade Season begins on the 29th of November at Elwood and the Sole Motive ActiveTri Series began on Sunday 8th November. To get through your races as unscathed as possible, I’ve put together a few foot tips that may prove handy. 

5 tips on avoid foot or leg injuries this preseason 

Runner training smart to avoid injury this preseason.No matter what sport you play...football, netball, tennis...preseason training is about to kick off. For many suburban sporting clubs and sports people it already has. This time of year is often one where each club or team is trying to out do their competitors by training harder and getting fitter but it is also a time where old injuries return or new ones develop. The best thing you can do this season to get that edge over your competitors is prepare better to avoid injury. Below are a few simple tips on how to avoid foot and leg injuries this preseason. Read More...

Put a spring in your step! 

Spring weatherDo you have your feet ready for the spring?

Spring has arrived everyone! Despite the recent changes and inconsistency in Melbourne's weather, when thinking of spring, I often think of warm weather, blossoming flowers and the races at Flemmington. For most of us, spring signals vibrance, change and regrowth. It is the time of year where we come out of hibernation, shed out winter clothes and head out into the sunshine in search of warmth.  Read More...

Shin Pain or Shin Splints 

Shin splints are a common lower leg injury.So you've just started exercising again, it's been a while since you've done this but feel it's time to get fit and active again and start running a couple of times per week. Not long after you start your new health kick you start to develop shin pain. Does this sound like you?

Shin splints are one of the most common injuries amongst runners or sports people and is also referred to as medial tibial stress syndrome. Shin splints are the common term used to describe pain along the front inside or medial section of the shin or lower leg. Read More...

Shin Pain or Shin splints are a pain you feel up the front of the leg.

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