Podiatry in Frankston, Hastings, Narre Warren, Pakenham Lakeside and Chelsea.

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We treat discomfort or pain in your feet and lower legs.

Clinic Locations

Narre Warren: (03) 8790 3616
511 Princes Highway, opposite KFC. Open 6 days a week. Read more…

Hastings: (03) 5979 2255
111 High Street. Open 6 days a week. Read more

Pakenham: (03) 5941 6147
16/18-36 Lakeside Blvd, opposite the entry to the Coles carpark. Open 6 days a week. Read More…

Chelsea: (03) 8759 0987
7/489 Nepean Highway at LifeStrong Physiotherapy. Now open Saturday. Read more…

Frankston: (03) 8759 0987 
Now located in Chelsea. Read more…


Are you living with pain or discomfort in your feet and lower legs?

We provide a genuine and caring approach to all foot care whether you need ongoing assistance involving the management of hard skin, corns and problem nails or a complex foot or leg injury. Walk On Podiatry will ensure you are as pain free as possible to live life to your fullest potential.

We use the latest in equipment and diagnostic tools including treadmill gait analysis and shockwave therapy. We keep in line with all health and safety guidelines to ensure that your problems are resolved as quickly and safely as possible.

Orthotics may be the answer to your or your children's sore and painful feet? If you need to replace your existing orthotics or you are experiencing sore and painful feet we can help you.

Podiatry for children:  There are many common adult foot problems and injuries that can stem from birth and childhood. Often these adult injuries can be prevented by well managed podiatry during childhood.

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Sports Players

At Walk On Podiatry we have a background and genuine interest in various sporting activities. No matter if you are a social walker or a professional athlete we have the technical assessment tools, including treadmill, camera and computer based biomechanics programs to accurately assess the way you walk and run. Read more....


Appropriate care for your feet is vital in the management of diabetes and its many side effects. Poor foot health is commonly seen in people with diabetes and if not managed appropriately or assessed regularly can result more serious complications such as infections or even wounds.  Read more....


Caring for your feet is something that can become increasingly difficult as we age. Whether you require assistance with an ingrown nail, management of corns and callouses or you would like regular and ongoing nail care, our podiatrists are here to provide you with a genuine and personalised experience.  Read more...


Walk On Podiatry provides quality care for all members of your family. Our podiatrists are highly experienced in all areas of children's podiatry. The growth and development of your children's feet is extremely important in helping prevent problems later in life, especially in the back and legs.  Read more...